Welcome Home A Nursing Home Alternative
A Phone Message left on our Voice Mail:
"I appreciate what you have done for my Aunt.  If she couldn't have left that place and come to your home, she would have died.  I do believe that in my heart of hearts."



A Nursing Home Alternative..is a Private Care Home that provides Elder Care to Infirmed Seniors. We give consistent one-on-one nursing and palliative care to every level of decline in a safe and secure home environment. Our mission is to provide you or your loved one with a dignified, stress-free and affordable alternative.     

Feel free to call with inquiries or to schedule a tour: 941-966-5489 or email: besteldercare@gmail.com

Welcome Home, A Nursing Home Alternative!
Your loved one does not have to go to a nursing home. There is an alternative. Come live with us where family care is our specialty. 
Our belief is that aging should be a welcomed positive stage of development and growth to be embraced and enjoyed. 
Since 1995 we have made a positive change in the traditional way Seniors are cared for. Our residents are treated like members of our family but are also given their independence. Additionally we partner closely with their family, their physicians and healthcare agencies to provide the highest quality of genuine care. 

Welcome Home has to date offered an environment for long-term care where special needs have always been a priority. We receive referrals from area ALF's, Rehab. facilities, attorneys, geriatric case managers and organizations. To name a few: Tidewell/Hospice, Emeritus, Brookdale Senior Living, Karen for Seniors, and The Legacy Lawyer .

We are also proud members of  Sarasota County Aging Network an excellent source for networking and information.

Our private personal care homes for seniors, are located in Nokomis, FL.
We are Harry and Annie again we invite you to call us at 941-966-5489 to schedule a tour!
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